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Be Prepared for DIY Plumbing with These 8 Tools

It’s not easy to predict when the next plumbing emergency will occur in your home. As a result, it’s advisable to be prepared for DIY plumbing with a range of tools incase of a plumbing emergency.

Of course, you should always let emergency plumbing in Regina do their work if plumbing problems get out of hand in your home. But calling plumbing experts every time you have minor plumbing emergencies is not only costly but also inconvenient. Even if plumbing pros are just a call away. 

Therefore, learning how to fix various plumbing problems using DIY plumbing tools is highly recommended. Here is a handy list of 8 DIY plumbing tools you should have in your toolbox to prepare for different plumbing problems at home. 

Essential DIY plumbing tools for your home 

Pipe Wrench

To fix your piping issues at home, you need a pair of pipe wrenches in your plumbing toolbox. Basic wrenches can help you fix broken pipes fast and efficiently provided the issue is manageable.To be effective, it’s a good idea to have at least two of them, one for gripping your pipes and two for turning your pipes. This way, you can fix broken pipe issues fast and efficiently.

For all simple piping repairs, an ordinary wrench is more than enough to get work done. However, if the repair works involved are a bit complex, it advisable to go for other types of wrenches. As of now, there are more than six types of pipe wrenches in the market with each solving unique plumbing challenges in your home.

In the end, after you acquire and use your wrenches, don’t forget to take proper care and store them safely by wrapping them with a rag. This will help keep your heavy grippers functioning for a long time to come. 

Basin Wrench

If you’re new to DIY plumbing tools, you may not be aware of basin wrenches. Yet you need these tools for grasping, fastening, and turning bolts in tight areas. With these grippers, you should be confident about handling complex plumbing emergencies such as loosening and tightening bolts in hard to reach areas. 

For instance, if you try fixing the underneath of your bathroom sink with pliers or ordinary wrenches, you’ll be frustrated because they are inefficient for this task. You need a basin wrench to fix minor plumbing emergencies in challenging to reach areas and corners.

Adjustable Wrench

Adjustable wrenches are versatile plumbing tools to have in your home. They can be adjusted to fit different hardware, which means they can fix various plumbing problems at home such as fixing faucets or shower-heads. To use an adjustable pipe wrench correctly, ensure its attached to your pipes properly but leave some space between the shank and hook jaw. You can utilize a handful of these tools, as clamps when tightening or loosening your pipe joints.

Tongue and Groove Pliers

When fixing plumbing issues at home, tongue and groove pliers are a must-have. These tools can help grip things in place when loosening, tightening or repairing your plumbing fixtures. They work great because of the slip-joint make, which enables the jaw to open and grasp things tightly. Also, their long handles are ideal for all plumbing tasks involving loosening or tightening joints. As with all tools, you should take proper care of your tongue and groove pliers to lengthen their lifespan and functionality. You should wrap them with rags because they have serrated jaws.

Plumber’s Putty

Some plumbing emergencies are minor and can be fixed by applying putty to seal leaks and keep things stable. Putty is a soft, flexible sealing compound that you can easily buy from your local hardware store.

It’s one of the materials that should be in every homeowner DIY plumbing toolbox. With putty, you have a jointing compound that can help you form a waterproof seal. You can fix plumbing emergencies such as sealing leaking faucets or drains with putty so long the problems are manageable. 

Plumber’s Tape

A leaky threaded joint is not a plumbing issue you want to deal with without the appropriate equipment. But with a few layers of plumber’s tape or Teflon tape and a few screws, you can attain a watertight seal on your joints. Besides, a plumber’s tape helps lubricate connection and make threading smooth. Also, it prevents pipes from sticking when you want to disassemble a joint.


The plunger isn’t referred to as the “plumbers helper” for no reason. Whether you are facing plumbing issues such as overflowing toilets or clogged drains, you’ll need a plunger first before you reach for other tools. A plunger works through the science of pressure and suction. 

When a plunger’s handle is pushed up and down, enough water pressure builds up to dislodge clogged drains. Sadly, not everyone will use a plunger correctly the first time. If you struggle to utilize this lifesaver, don’t panic. As there are plenty of online tutorials, you can rely on to get the basics right.

Toilet Auger

Sometimes, your plunger may not be sufficient, especially when dealing with toilet overflow issues. Instead, use a toilet auger, which has an extendable metal cable with the capacity to unclog the most stubborn drains. 

If you are looking for an inexpensive but useful tool to break up obstructions in your drain, consider having an auger in your tool’s arsenal. Otherwise, you end up relying on the services of an emergency plumber and paying high costs for minor plumbing tasks you can fix on your own. 

Having the mentioned plumbing tools in your toolbox is essential. These tools will help you be prepared to repair some plumbing emergencies when they occur. However, these aren’t the only tools you need to fix all the plumbing issues you’ll encounter at home. 

You may need to purchase more tools and equipment to deal with other plumbing problems at home. But before you invest in any plumbing tool, it’s advisable to consult your local plumber for advice. Experts at emergency plumbing regina are ready to help you pick the right DIY Plumbing tools for your home. Get in touch with them to schedule a free consultation.

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