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Plumbing Technology You Should Know

You might think plumbing hasn’t changed much since sinks, showers, and toilets became essential fixtures in our homes. But to be honest, plumbing is evolving year after year. New technologies include plumbing fixtures available on the market and plumbing techniques that help you save money when repair or re-piping is required. If you are thinking of becoming a plumber in Regina, get the latest training here.

Trenchless Technology

The failure and disruption of sewer lines as well as other underground systems is a common problem in many Regina households. This is caused by a variety of factors, including tree roots.

While plumbers normally used to create trenches to solve this problem, trenchless techniques have become effective, removing previous drawbacks. For example, pipe relining lets a plumber coat pipes with glue that lasts years. All the plumber needs to do is dig one hole and use hydraulic equipment and a camera to apply the technology.

Touchless Plumbing

You might think automatic sinks are only found in commercial buildings, but that’s far from the truth. Many homeowners are switching to touchless plumbing fixtures for their own houses.

There are two main reasons for this. Firstly, the germ problem is something many people, especially parents, can relate with. Secondly, many homes now have a minimalist design. Doing away with faucet handles can make your bathroom’s interior look sleek.

Energy-efficient Water Heaters

Many water heating innovations have improved energy efficiency without sacrificing the quality of service. For instance, insulated water heaters slash heat losses by up to 25 percent and reduce your annual water bill by up to 16 percent.

In addition, tankless water heaters reduce the significant use of water associated with tanks through on-demand heating once you switch the hot water on. Other energy-efficient water heating options include solar systems and heat pumps.

Powerful Flushes

In some places in the world, saving water is becoming imperative—it’s no longer the preserve of the eco-friendly homeowner. Toilet makers have been working hard to develop toilets that provide powerful flushes with less water.

While low flush toilets have existed for ages, older models often clog more easily, forcing many homeowners to turn to local plumbers. Fortunately, poorly flushing low flush toilets are becoming outdated.

Smart Pipes

The worst thing about leaks is that in nine out of ten times, it’s not easy to pinpoint their exact location—especially if they’re under your home, out in your yard, or in the walls. As with shower controls, many homes now have smart pipes.

Small embedded sensors now can detect both small and large leaks and help zero in on their exact location. This can save money on your plumbing repair costs as well as utility bills.

The Bottom Line

As plumbing innovations continue to develop along with the other parts of a modern home, it’ll be interesting to see how receptive the toilet becomes as time goes by. If you need to upgrade your home’s plumbing installations or schedule a Regina water heater repair consultation, be sure to call your local regina plumber today.

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