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Top 10 Emergency Plumbing Situations

We have all had plumbing emergencies at one time or another. Clogged sinks and drains are common irritations, as are constantly running toilets and leaky faucets. But sometimes the problems in your drains, pipes, and other plumbing fixtures will require emergency attention. Water leaking into parts of your home where it shouldn’t is potentially dangerous and massive loss of water is costly. According to United States Environmental Protection Agency, the average household’s leaks can account for nearly 10,000 gallons of water wasted every year and ten percent of homes have leaks that waste 90 gallons or more per day.

Clogged Toilets

Toilet blockages may occur due to a build up of unwanted material blocking the pipes. This makes water overflow and puts your toilet out of service. It’s imperative to call in your local emergency plumber to bail you out since it’s not a good idea to unclog your toilet by yourself.

Clogged Sinks

The sinks in your kitchen and bathroom get used quite often every day. Your family washes their hands, brushes their teeth, and washes dishes daily.

Ever overlooked a slow drain thinking it would miraculously resolve itself? A slow drain may irritate, but it doesn’t qualify as an emergency. But over time, the clog will get worse and worse. When water pressure becomes so slow that you can’t wash your hands or the dishes, then you’ve got a serious problem on your hands.

No Hot Water

Not having hot water is a real bother—especially during the winter. Never leave this problem unattended to, give your plumber a call immediately. A leak in your water heater is often the cause of lack of warm water, but there might be other problems as well.

Burst Pipes

Thanks to the freeze-thaw cycle, exposed pipes are likely to burst. This issue could necessitate a total replacement of pipes, which would require the services of experts in emergency plumbing in Regina.

Wall and Pipe Leaks

Corroded or frozen pipe joints may leak and even burst. To sort out this issue, turn off the water valve that’s supplying the leaking pipe or the main water valve in your home. Let a plumber carry out pipe repair right away to prevent future growth of mold.

Sewer Backups

When there’s a sewer backup, it means your sewage begins moving back up your pipes as there’s a clog somewhere. It causes foul smell all around your home, in addition to plenty of leakages.

Leaking Faucets

Leaking faucets waste lots of water, much like constantly running toilets. To avoid a hefty water bill, contact your emergency plumber in Regina to sort out the problem. The best thing about a leaking faucet is that it’s normally a quick fix.

Running Toilet

A constantly running toilet is a massive drain on money. Therefore, it’s an emergency plumbing situation that needs fixing right away. Let your local emergency plumber take apart your toilet and promptly fix the problem.  

Broken Water Lines

Earthquakes, poorly aimed shovels, and tree roots can break underground water lines. This may cause poor water quality, minimal to no water pressure, and soggy areas in your yard.

Clogged Shower Drains and Bathtubs

You’re having a shower and an odd gurgling sound comes out of the drain or water begins going up your ankles. Hair buildup and soap scum are the leading reasons for this plumbing emergency.


Most of these plumbing emergencies can be fixed by a homeowner. But if a plumbing fixture or pipe isn’t fixed properly, then the same issue will persist. For this reason, it’s best to call in a plumber to limit the damage.

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